EW 1000/A

Automatic system for IBC in HDPE and stainless steel

The elements of a standard washing line (internal and external) and drying for 12 cisterns / hour are:

– conveyor belt for in-line loading
– residual suction station
– internal washing station with water or water and detergent at 250 bar / 400 bar or with soda at 18 bar,.in open or closed cabin
– internal washing station with water at 250 bar / 400 bar, in open or closed cabin
– automatic external washing station (or manual in the open cabin)
– suction station
– drying station (s)
– conveyor belt for unloading
– pump groups
– water storage tanks, detergents
– general electrical panel

Standard structure in epoxy painted iron. Alternatively, galvanized iron or AISI 304 steel structures (only for washing stations or for the entire line depending on the need)
250/400 bar – 60~80 kW (in total)