Additional Machines

From the beginning, our philosophy has always been to offer our customers innovative washing solutions that, by revolutionizing or improving the washing procedures used up until then (manual washing is still carried out in many areas), allowed to obtain positive results, ensuring a real wash and an improvement in the environmental working conditions for the operators involved in these operations.

The use of the high-pressure washing technique for the treatment of stainless steel containers, fixed tanks, IBCs, metal drums and HDPE and any other container (which is possible with machines and washing systems automatic developed by CEB Impianti), also makes it possible to significantly reduce the amount of washing materials used in the processes (of the water but especially of the solvent), with a consequent reduction in the purchase costs of these materials.

In this regard, the systems proposed by C.E.B. Plants are completed by integrating those devices that, through a separation of the washing liquid contaminated by material residues, allow a recirculation and re-use of the washing media used (either water or solvent).

We rely on many years of collaboration with a leading company in the sector, FORMECO S.r.l. which, with its products, allows us to offer our customers a complete integrated system, able to guarantee extraordinarily low management costs.

Thanks to this combination, our customers can be sure of working in complete safety, of finally making the washing operations efficient and effective and of contributing to a real reduction of the management costs linked to it.

For additional information about FORMECO S.r.l. evaporators and distillers, how they work and how they are integrated in C.E.B. washing solutions Installations, please use the form below.