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Automation for every needs

Technology and Customization

We offer Hi-Tech customized washing solutions are 100% made-in-Italy and allow automatic washing processes for the following industries: Chemicals, Liquid paints, Silicones, Resins, Inks, Adhesives, Powder paints, Masterbatch, Food, Waste, Waste sorting, Packaging recovery, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas.

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For every type of container

and Recovery

The types of containers we deal with are: cans, jerrycans, drums (in HDPE or metal), IBCs (HDPE, aluminium or stainless steel), open mixing tanks with bottom discharge, tanks for mixers, tanks for dispersers and fixed tanks; the containers can be made of plastic, carbon steel or stainless steel.


Why choose

We don’t need to convince you to buy our machines.
In case the 600 or more machines installed since 1996 are not enough to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our washing systems, we are ready to test your materials to prove it to you.

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Fully automated internal/external washing systems.

Tailored solutions for you

Customized Systems according to your needs.


We have installed more than 600 systems in more than 40 different countries.

Fast cycle, 3 to 5 minutes

Really quick washing times.

Saving of water and solvent

The filtration system allows high savings of water and solvent.

Higher efficiency and safety

Systems suitable for jobs done 100% safe in any conditions.

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