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Industrial container washing solutions to meet the needs of the various production sectors

Preserving the quality of the product, avoiding possible contamination, is fundamental importance in every productive sector.
Our industrial container washing machines are designed to remove dust, residues, grease and other impurities present on containers,
to prepare them for subsequent reuse, ensuring maximum cleanliness.


We produce washing systems for containers in the chemical sector, suitable for adequately removing any type of residue, preventing dangerous contamination and guaranteeing a safe working environment.

Liquid paints

Our washing systems for containers in the paint sector are designed to guarantee efficient and safe cleaning processes, in full compliance with the regulations.


Due to their chemical nature, silicone residues can be particularly difficult to remove, whether they are solid, viscous or if mixed with other substances.


Resins are used in numerous industries and have a large number of applications, including adhesives, coatings, inks and sealants.


In the ink sector, the most difficult residues to clean can vary according to the chemical composition of the product, which can commonly be water-based, solvent-based or silicone-based.


In the adhesive sector, the most difficult products to clean are based on silicone, acrylics or polyurethanes, elements which can develop a high resistance to water and to the most common solvents.

Powder paints

Cleaning systems for powder paint containers must be able to remove various types of particularly resistant residues, including resins and dyes present inside the products.


The difficulties in cleaning containers in the masterbatch sector vary considerably according to the composition of the masterbatch.


In the food sector, cleaning is an essential element, and it is of fundamental importance to adequately prepare the containers for subsequent reuse, avoiding contamination and future food preservation problems.


The waste sector includes a very wide range of products which, in some cases, can be extremely difficult to remove (e.g. organic waste, adhesives and with polluting chemical components).

Waste sorting

Within the separate collection system, there are different cleaning needs depending on the material of the container and the type of residue to be removed.

Packaging recovery

Depending on the number of containers to be washed, we can offer systems based on individual machines or automatic lines, where the latter are ideal for guaranteeing high hourly productivity.


In order to wash the containers used in the cosmetics sector, it is necessary to carry out rigorous washing processes capable of effectively removing all traces of residual product, eliminating any bacteria and avoiding dangerous contamination


In the pharmaceutical sector, the containers can include residues of chemical substances, bacteria, and dust deposits of various kinds; an ineffective washing process can affect the safety of the pharmaceutical product and it is of paramount importance to ensure an adequate sanitization process after the washing.

Oil & Gas

Containers in the oil & gas sector may contain petroleum residues, drilling muds, additives and hazardous waste which must be properly removed.

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