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Since 1997 we have been developing innovative and automated integrated systems suitable for ensuring efficient and sustainable washing processes and allowing high savings in management costs.
We are present all over the world, with over 600 plants installed. Each one of our projects has been designed to maximize operational efficiency, guarantee excellent results, significant savings in management costs and reduce waste.

Our company

Since 1997 we have been designing, manufacturing and installing systems for automated washing and recovery of industrial containers.
When a customer joins the CEB family, he will find a reliable partner who works with passion to create the most suitable solution for his industrial washing processes.

We have always believed in innovation. We also believe that the know-how of our team of experts is our best tool for providing you with a customized technological solution, specifically designed for your needs.

We design industrial washing systems for lot of industries: from the chemical to the food industry.

We manufacture technological suitable for successfully processing containers of different materials and sizes.

We assemble efficient systems that allow you to reduce washing times, in a context of absolute safety.

Our team of engineers is up for all the different tasks required during start up and commissioning services: mechanical parts assembling, pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic piping assembling, machine setting and maintenance onsite operations.

Years of know-how
Equipment and lines

Innovative washing systems

Our product range includes machines for low or high pressure washing processes (at 6, 18, 150, 200, 250, 350 and 400 bars with water and solvent at 6, 18, 40 bars).

Hot washes (up to 80 °C), only with water or in combination with soda or other cleaning products are also possible.

In most cases, our washing systems for industry are used in closed loop, allowing you to reduce management costs- Thanks to a filtration system it is possible to significantly reduces the quantity of the washing liquids (water or solvents) needed for the processes. However, in industries such as food, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, it is necessary to operate in an open loop, without recirculation.

The use of high-pressure pumps and high-pressure washing heads (also combined with brushes at low pressure) will speed up your washing process and allow you to get high quality final results in conditions of maximum safety for the operators.

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