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Why choose CEB


We have been manufacturing industrial washing machines for over 25 years, with the same ambition as when we started: to provide the best technological solutions for each sector, guaranteeing total safety in operations and with high customization.


Our machines are designed to be simple to use, limiting the need for human intervention, and equipped with safety systems to prevent any possible dangers for the operators.


We only use cutting-edge technical solutions, needed for reducing washing times so as to obtain high-quality final results, guaranteeing maximum safety.


A more efficient technical solution permits to shorten working times, thus providing a significant advantage in economic terms. Furthermore, our machines are designed to guarantee maximum reliability and require low maintenance.


The analysis of the available data collected by our team of experts will allow us to offer you highly customized systems, so as to guarantee maximum production efficiency, avoiding any possible waste of consumables.

customized solutions

Each project has its own specifics. Like a sculpture, it takes shape starting from your specific needs, and is modeled by our team of experts.
We collect and analyze all available data, study the most efficient solution and develop the system exactly as you want it, with the same care that an artist takes with his work.

We can offer customized options for different process cycles; each solution is also developed according to the number of containers to be processed and the kind of material to be washed.

A highly customized automatic washing system for the industry allows you to:

Reduce consumption and costs

Increase efficiency of your industrial processes

Quick return on investment

Have perfect cleaning

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