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Custom systems for washing and cleaning of industrial containers

We are specialized in washing and drying systems and the recovery of industrial containers of any material and size. Our machines have specific technical characteristics, suitable for each need and can be used in a large number of sectors.

All our systems can be customized, equipped with add-ons such as storage tanks, dryers, leak testers and tilting platforms.

After sales service

Commissioning and maintenance

You can directly take care of the commissioning of the system yourself, if you wish. However, we suggest you to have our specialized engineers doing the job. We can immediately guarantee you the optimization of the machine inside your production line. Furthermore, our engineers can support your staff with an initial training for knowing the different functions of the system with full details.

Finally, we advise you to carry out a regular maintenance program for the system, in order to considerably prolong the life of the machine, reducing the risk of unscheduled machine stops.

After sales service

Update and machine refurbishing

In some cases, it’s not necessary to have a brand new machine. We can offer you a refurbishing service of your existing unit, adapting it to new regulations, processes or working environments. Retrofits, modernizations and upgrades are often affordable alternatives to buying a new unit.

After sales service


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