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Machine for open top mixing tanks, IBCs in HDPE and stainless steel



Machine with tilting platform for open top mixing tanks, IBCs in HDPE and stainless steel.
The containers must have a lower drain valve (1,5”, 2″, 2,5” or 3″).

Three possible cycles: Eco – Standard – Long.
Average cycle duration: from 3 to 5 minutes (loading and unloading time excluded)

Available with water collecting basin and grilled platform.

Possible combination with EWEC or EWEC2 for drum washing.
Washing with open or closed cycle with 2 or more washing and rinsing liquid storage tanks.

Model /S

ATEX certified — Two-phase solvent cycle (washing and rinsing)

technical sheet

Model /A

Cycle with water and/with detergent in three phases (prewash, wash and rinse)

technical sheet

Pump group

Control panel

IP55 version



Sealing cone

for IBC

Tilting platform with water collection basin

Tanks for washing medias

Available models

EW100/S – Sc, Sv, Scv

40  max 40 bar

EW100/A – 250/400/500 – Ac, Av, Acv

250  max 250 bar
400  max 400 bar
500  max 500 bar

Available options

For the S versions

Solvent collection basin with grid top and washing in closed booth to contain solvent vapours

For A versions

Water collecting basin with grilled platform

Water collecting basin with grilled platform Possibility of insulated tanks for using hot water (up to 40° for versions at 400 bar and up to 70° for versions at 250 bar)

Washing with detergent

Washing with sanitizer


External washing of containers (with rotating platform)

Washing of cone-bottom containers with bottom valve (in closed loop in 4 phases: pre-washing, washing, bottom valve washing and rinsing)

IBC drying (with additional unit)

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