The range of washing machines and washing solutions proposed by C.E.B. Impianti are used in numerous industries (paintings, inks, coatings, resins, masterbatch, IBCs and drums recovering, food and beverage, cosmetics, oil and gas etc.) and allows to cover all the possible needs a customer can have when it comes to washing, sanitizing, drying tanks, IBCs, drums and small containers.

The machines can be classified according to their characteristics:

  1. Machines with high pressure washing head (EW100, EW80 and EWEC)

  2. Machines with brushes in nylon or in stainless steel (EWBB or EWEB)

  3. Machines with brushes and high-pressure washing head (EWB)

  4. Mobile units for fixed tanks, mixers and dispensers with high pressure washing head

  5. Automated lines (EW1000A / EW1000A2)

  6. Special machines

All the models are proposed for:

  • water based applications, standard at 250 or 400 bar (3625 or 5800 psi) and, upon request, at 700 e 1000 bar (10.152 and 14583 psi), with a IP55 insulation

  • solvent based applications, working at 40 bar (580 psi), with Atex certification of the machine

Our turnkey solutions are then completed by additional machines necessary to complete the offer, such as storage tanks, dryers, leak testers, tilting machines, etc.

It is probable that at C.E.B. Impianti we already have the answer to your needs. If there isn’t, let’s develop it together!